The A10 Warthog packs 10 lbs. more body mass, and 2 times the start-up torque than our 9.1 and 9.2 models. The A10 is burly enough to cut a Ford F750 and still nimble enough for the smallest sub-compact. Best described as commercial duty, the A10 is designed for heavy use in high volume dealerships or where large vehicle applications are found. A10s are digitally expandable to optional G2X and GYR systems.

Machine Specifications

Maximum Rotor Thickness 1.75"
Minimum Rotor Thickness 0.2"
Maximum Rotor Diameter 17.6"
Minimum Rotor Diameter 4.0"
Maximum Depth of Cut 0.020" / Side
Spindle Speed 115 RPM
Carriage Speed 0.005" / rev
Motor 1.0 HP
Weight 108 lbs
Shipping Weight 240 lbs.
Electrical Supply 110v / 1ph / 60hz
Feed Distance 6.7" (7.5" Opt.)
Start-up Torque 73 ft. lbs.
Working Height Range 21"-43"